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Red Steel 2 & Clone Wars!!

Samurai Swords and Lightsabers. Cowboy Samurai and Jedi Knights. These are a few of my favorite things. I always wanted a sword and a lightsaber, what kid didn’t? The closest I ever got was a “Rambo” styled survival knife that had a compass and matches. I bought it at a festival called “Rattlesnake Roundup” in the deep south of Georgia. I’m not sure why my parents would allow me to go to a festival with that moniker, or buy a Rambo knife for that matter. I guess in the long run it was safer than a sword…. While some of you may in fact own swords of some sort, I’m pretty sure no one owns a lightsaber. I’m not talking some piece of plastic bought at Target for $39.99 either. So what if they’re “fake”, you still don’t have one. If there is one thing that can make a manboy appreciate technology it’s a game that would allow you to swing a lightsaber to take out clones, or a samurai sword to take out cowboys. Thanks to the Wii, Ubisoft and LucasArts, we will soon have two games that allow that very thing.

Red Steel 2 was announced just before this years E3, and then at the conference the game was shown and available to play. Unfortunately, I was unable to be there despite the various invitations I got in the mail. Yeah, I didn’t really get invited. I’m pretty sure that if people knew how influential I was, I would have gotten at least one. Anyway, Red Steel 2 looks great. It may look better than great in fact. It looks like a game that we were promised when the Wii first launched. That game was called Red Steel. That game, for all intents and purposes, was a failure. Ubisoft is making damned sure RS2 will not be a failure. They are making WiiMotion+ mandatory for the game to ensure that no one can complain about the controls. The developers are also changing the hero of the series. This time you’ll be a nameless revolver-toting katana-carrying badass. Imagine if Dharman decided to make a clone of Justice and Afro instead of Afro’s father, that’s what Ubisoft is delivering us. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, check out the latest developer diary which focuses on Hero. Red Steel 2 looks like it is going to be ridiculously amazing. This is my most wanted Wii game this year and it better live up to the hype. If it doesn’t Ubisoft better hope they don’t see me at E3 next year! I kid, I kid…

Any male above the age of say, 22, has probably experienced a period in their life when they were obsessed with Star Wars. For some that time is a year or two, for others it could last pretty much their entire life. They could be so obsessed that they saw Episode 1 ten times in the theater. They could take it to a level where they watched IV-VI every night for an entire summer. I’m not saying that that was me, but I’ve seen the movies countless times. It’s probably the ultimate tale of good vs. evil and George Lucas is a genius, even if he did give us Jar-Jar Binks. As far as Star Wars games have gone, they’ve been hit or miss. The same could be said for the animated series The Clone Wars. I’m disappointed by the series because that is one of the most exciting and interesting periods in the Star Wars Universe. The show could be really awesome and it’s just meh. So, what do I think about a game being developed around the series? I think it was only a matter of time, and I’m not sure how interested I am. The fact that it’s an action/adventure game launching on all major consoles means the Wii could get a gimped version. It also means that unless it’s built from the ground up WM+ either won’t be a factor, or won’t make a difference. This makes me sad inside. Why not just give us an amazing fighting game centered around the Lightsaber while utilizing WM+? Think Bushido Blade but on Tattoine and with stupidly awesome controls. That is something I would buy with the quickness. Star Wars The Clone Wars:Republic Heroes is not necessarily something I feel I have to own. I don’t mean to hate on the game, but I think I’d rather play Lego Star Wars. Actually, I’ll stick to Red Steel 2! For those that are still with us, there is a trailer for Republic Heroes, which is due to hit shelves September 15, and I’m posting it below for your enjoyment. You know the drill.