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Spyborgs & FIFA 10!!!

So, yesterday I had quite a depressing evening. I found out that the house we were trying to buy wasn’t available until September. It’s more complicated than that, but it basically boils down to the current owner being an idiot. A major idiot. I don’t want to get started here because WiiSpin is my happy place and you, the readers, are my Ambassadors of Quan. Serenity now.

I don’t know if you can tell by the title but, I’ve got a jam-packed post for your supreme enjoyment. Please, try to contain yourselves. Let’s start the show off with Spyborgs. I’ve covered Spyborgs before, but how about a quick recap? Spyborgs is the latest beat-em-up from the company who does the genre better than most, Capcom. When the game was first announced more than a year ago it looked quite lame and was geared towards the tween market. You know, tweens are new, we used to just be called kids, but I digress. Pretty much, Spyborgs didn’t look good and I would have completely ignored it. But then something magical happened at this year’s E3, Capcom said they were going in a different direction, and it looked good. In Spyborgs you will play as one of three Spyborgs, original right? They are what you think they are, Cyborgs that are Spies. The gameplay is going to be pure brawler glory, and I can’t wait! With MadWorld being the only decent beat-em-up on the Wii it’s time to have a new kid on the block. If this new kid comes with high tech gadgets and from a company that has proven itself when it comes to brawlers (Final Fight anyone?) then all that’s left to ask is where do we sign up? This game is going to be epic and all I hope is that Capcom is about to deliver the first of a long running franchise to the Wii. Spyborgs is set to release September 29 and I am genuinely excited to read and see as much of this game as possible. I hope you’re as excited as I am, but if not then there are some videos of Spyborgs in action below that should do the job.

Update: Just checked Kotaku and they have the box art for the game, which you’ll find below.


If there is one thing you should know about me by now, other than my undying love for all things Transformers, it’s that I’m a huge football (soccer) fan. The beautiful game is one that I truly admire, and it’s the one sport that I wish I was good at. A good start might be to actually play it at least once, but being 28 and never put boot to ball makes that task a bit daunting. Instead I’ll be perfectly fine enjoying watching the game from the comforts of my couch, or a bar, with tasty beverage in hand. For the times when there is no football to watch, and being an American there are WAY too many of those, I like to play the videogame representations of the world’s most popular sport. As it stands I feel like there are two ways to play football games: the FIFA series (currently FIFA ‘09) on the PS3 and Pro Evo Soccer (currently PES ‘09) on the Wii. PES ‘08 changed the way I thought not only about sports games, but the way I thought about the Wii. It was the first game on the console that I loved and could play endlessly. The problem is that the FIFA franchise is better, and it is so much fun on the PS3. Those of of you who have played FIFA on the Wii can attest that it’s not very good. The ‘09 iteration was a step in the right direction but PES still walks all over it. Some would say it’s getting borderline embarassing. Well, EA hosted some big shindig this week where they showed off the different versions of the game, and we’ve finally gotten some news on the Wii version via a developer walkthrough. I am underwhelmed. I know where they are coming from wanting to reach all gamers, but this is football!! I don’t want an arcadey game with huge collision tackles and giant shots. No, I want the precision and beauty that is the game. It would seem that EA is content to have a great game on the HD-Consoles while continually putting out a mediocre one for the Wii. There is a major opportunity to have the best football game on all 3 consoles, and I’m clueless as to why EA would choose not to take hold of it. It’d be like Ronaldo saying he didn’t feel like taking a free-kick from anywhere within 20 yards of the goal. In other words, it’s ridiculous. I could be wrong, the dev didn’t give us too much to go on, but this is EA so I believe we’re going to get a weak game come October 10. Thank goodness Konami announced they’d be giving us Pro Evo 10 this fall. The walkthrough, if you can call it that as all we get are a couple screen shots *le sigh*, is below for you to come to your own conclusion. I can’t stress enough that I do hope I’m wrong as I’d love for FIFA to be even almost as good as PES on the Wii, competition makes for better games in the long run, I just don’t know. I guess only time will tell.