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Tiger v. Fallon

During the lifespan of the Wii there has been countless videos tying the console and its games to popular culture. Whether it’s a skit on SNL starring the one and only Alec Baldwin and some over the top “Waggle”, Megan Fox admitting she loves the Wii, or simply a girl playing WiiFit, you cannot deny the fact that the Wii is a pop culture icon. It’s everywhere all the time, right up there with Rock Band, the Wii is the console everyone wants to own. Surely this explains why the console has sold something like 51 million units. That number is just ridiculous. Do these celebrity endorsements and viral videos have that much of an effect on the sales of the console, or is it word of mouth and the hipness of the console that does it? Who knows, or cares?! All I know is that I love it when I see a video of someone playing a Wii that I enjoy, or hear another celeb shout-out for the console. Because I know there are sheep out there who will say, “Yeah I need to get one of those now that I know that Jon & Kate have one!” In the worlds of the immortal Puff Daddy, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby”, and you know Ninty is loving the fact that the Wii has brought them a ridiculous amount of said Benjamins. One of the latest Wii/Celeb videos comes courtesy of the ever-awkward Jimmy Fallon. Think what you will of the man taking Conan’s vacated spot on the TV landscape, he definitely represents for videogames. Oh, and he somehow scored The Legendary Roots Crew as his house band. Seriously, how did he do that? So far on Fallon we’ve gotten closer looks at iPhone competitors (Palm Pre), as well as some other companies lame attempt at convincing the public it can do motion control on par with the Wii. Well, last week Jimmy had the unconquerable Tiger Woods on his show, and he also had the gall to challenge the man to some WiiMotion Plus enhanced Tiger 10. What ensued is sure to be vintage Jimmy, and it showed a lighter side to Tiger which was great to see. On top of all that, the greatest golfing game of all time, which is on the Wii, was showcased on national TV for all to see. If you missed it, I’m posting it below for your enjoyment.