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Wii Sports Resort!!

Now that Tiger 10, Grand Slam Tennis and The Conduit are out and blowing us all away, do you find yourself wondering “What Next?” I mean, some of the most anticipated games have already come out, we’re playing them and lovin ‘em, but where do we go from here? Well, do not fret, hope is not lost. There are still several games on the horizon, and some of them sure do look good. In fact, it was just yesterday that we debuted some footage of those titles, and today I’ve got one more for you.

Last year at E3 Nintendo debuted WiiMotion Plus and told us about Wii Sports Resort. Most people were impressed about WM+, not so much with Resort. I was not one of those people. I love Wii Sports. I’m going to put this out there right now: Other than the Mario Bros./Duck Hunt game that came with NES, Wii Sports is the greatest launch bundle game of all time. Yeah, I said it, and don’t you ever forget it. So, when Cammie told us about a sequel with all new games and WAY better controls, I was sold. A year went by and we heard and saw plenty about WM+. We saw demos of how well it worked, how it would revolutionize sports titles as well as shooters. We found out pricing, launch dates, and some of the games that would and will support it. Basically, in the year since it was announced you found out everything you needed to know about the add-on. Somewhere in the hype-train Wii Sports Resort got lost. If there were features done on them, they were overlooked. Apparently Nintendo wasn’t too thrilled about that because at this year’s E3 we saw much more of the game, and that was just the beginning. With the game being exactly a month away, it seems as though the Nintendo are going to do all they can to ensure that we all buy the Kool-Aid. As I said earlier, I’m already sold. I mean, who doesn’t want to have Wii Sports using WM+ and games such as: Swordplay, or Archery, or Sky-Diving?? IGN not only has a great preview of their impressions of the mini-games game, but we also get some great videos thanks to their team. Wii Sports Resort is sure to be a hit, coming bundled with WiiMotion Plus is just icing on the cake of delicious goodness that will be served up on July 26. I can’t wait to hear and see much more of this game in the coming month, and there’s no way in the world I’m the only one. If you’re with me on this, then you’ll enjoy the videos below and let the wait begin!

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