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The Conduit Gameplay

I know I told you all just the other day that I’d already posted everything I possibly could about The Conduit. That there wasn’t much more I could really show or even tell you. Don’t sleep, when I said that I most definitely meant it. But then today rolled around. This is the day The Conduit hit store shelves, mailboxes, and doorsteps for Wii gamers everywhere. You know I had to post some videos of the game in action!!! The two direct-feed videos below show how beautiful the game actually is. I am drooling! Why am I drooling? Because I am not one of the lucky ones who bought the game today. No, I had to make a choice between The Conduit and Fight Night Round 4 for my PS3. I am a HUGE boxing fan, and I just recently got Tiger 10 which made the choice easy. I’m starting to regret it… Watch the videos below, if you can pull yourself away from the game itself, and you’ll know why. Just try not to rub it in too much ok.