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DiRT 2!!

When you think about playing videogames a few types of games should automatically come to mind: fighters, shooters, sports games, platformers, and racers. I know that amongst those there are sub-genres upon sub-genres, but generally speaking those are the 5 food groups of the gaming world. Nintendo and the Wii have pretty much all of them lock and stock, except for racing games. Sure, Mario Kart is fun as is ExciteTruck/Bots, but none of them really get it done. When you put these games up to the major titles on other consoles ie., Gran Turismo and Forza, the Wii hasn’t a leg to stand on. Thankfully, Codemasters hopes to reverse the fortune of Wii owners by bringing the off-road racer, DiRT 2 to the Wii!

DiRT 2 is an off-road/rally racing game that is more arcade than it is sim. The game will also hit the other consoles, but it’s being said that the Wii version will be just as good an option for multi-console owners as any other. The one thing that the title is lacking is online multiplayer, Codemasters hopes to make up for this by offering a 4-player split screen mode. Of course, bringing a game to the Wii means you’ve got to have a mini-game or four thrown in just for good measure, so don’t expect any different with this game. Some of the modes that have been talked about is a “drift” mode, where players have to keep cars sideways as long as possible, as well as a “big air” mode, which should be self explanatory. The game engine for DiRT 2 looks pretty good running on the Wii, and it seems like the developers are committed to bring a great playing, and looking, racing game to the Wii. The release date for DiRT 2 is September 19, and for now you can enjoy the debut trailer for the game below.