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The Conduit!!

Have you ever had the realization that no matter what you do, you’re getting older? That you’re actually an adult now? Well, it’s been that type of two days for me. Yesterday was my two year wedding anniversary (thank you) and we also have now put an offer in on an awesome townhouse, which would also be our first “home”. In some circles there’s even been baby talk, but those are just whispers for now. So yeah, it’s been a hectic few days, but I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly. You know what else I’ve enjoyed thoroughly? The new gameplay videos of The Conduit. You know, the title that will change the way we want to play FPS’ from here on out. Not only is The Conduit geared to be a smash hit, not only will it thrust High Voltage Games into the elite core of game studios, The Conduit is in a way putting the weight of the Wii on its back and saying, “See, this console can put out amazing and hardcore titles.” I think the fact that Mr. Ford and ASE (All-Seeing-Eye) look fully capable of pulling this off speaks wonders in itself. Am I setting the bar too high for The Conduit? Maybe. Do I believe that it will clear that bar with ease? Absolutely. If you don’t believe that then I dare, no, I double dare you to watch the latest videos below and try to disagree. Go ahead, don’t be scared. Just remember to enjoy.