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Red Steel 2!!

We’re only one day in to E3 and I’m already completely blown away. You didn’t have to wait very long before Ubisoft took the stage and then after some rambling from Joel McHale and the Ubisoft Frenchies we were given the goods. By goods I mean a demo to the absolutely gorgeous looking Red Steel 2!! By now you know that RS2 has been improved drastically by implementing Wii Motion Plus into its design. You should also know that using WMP is the ONLY way you’re going to be able to play RS2. Luckily, they announced yesterday that the title would in fact come bundled with WMP!! That’s right, now you can get Tiger 10 (or Grand Slam Tennis depending on locale) as well as Red Steel 2 and be pretty set for WMP dongles. WOOHOO!! So, the team at Ubisoft Paris gave some good news about the bundle, how about a release date? Unfortunately they are still holding onto the ambiguous Q4 2009 date. Still, that’s this year. Ok, we’ve got the bundle down, as well as an iffy release date. Surely it’s time to see the game? Yes, it is time to see the game. IGN has the E3 walkthrough w/commentary as well as a direct-feed demo of the game. I’m going to be posting the direct-feed as well as the official E3 trailer for Red Steel 2. This game is absolutely stunning looking. It runs at a perfect 60 frames per second and in full 480p widescreen. I know I’ve been praising High Voltage Software lately but, if there is one game to give The Conduit a run for it’s money it has got to be Red Steel 2. Truth is, I don’t care because since I’ll get to play both I’m a winner either way! The videos will be below and I also suggest hitting up IGN for their hands-on impression of Red Steel 2. Enjoy.

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