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The Grinder!!

So, it’s Monday and as I’m sitting here at work a few things are going through my mind. I’m wondering why I’m here mostly. I mean, surely everyone hates working on Mondays and can agree that a Tuesday-Friday work week is ideal. I’m also getting a bit pumped about tomorrow because that is when Nintendo takes the main stage at E3. I do hope it’s epic, or at least better than last years snoozefest. While all these thoughts are bouncing around I realized that the trailer for High Voltage Software’s uber-gory The Grinder was released and Oh-My-God does it look amazing. Seriously, High Voltage is setting the mark so high with gameplay and graphics on the Wii that I’m not sure anyone can top them. I posted a bit about this game last week and I’m sure I’ll have some more news this week to share with you. But, as a refresher the game is a 4 player online capable co-op shooter. Think Left 4 Dead only with much better controls. You’ll be one member on a team of 4 individuals who have been hired to not only exterminate vampires, werewolves, zombies and all sorts of horrible creatures, but you’ll also be figuring out why they are there. Sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear more and more about this title. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer premiere!!

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