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Tiger v. Fallon

During the lifespan of the Wii there has been countless videos tying the console and its games to popular culture. Whether it’s a skit on SNL starring the one and only Alec Baldwin and some over the top “Waggle”, Megan Fox admitting she loves the Wii, or simply a girl playing WiiFit, you cannot deny [...]

Wii Sports Resort!!

Now that Tiger 10, Grand Slam Tennis and The Conduit are out and blowing us all away, do you find yourself wondering “What Next?” I mean, some of the most anticipated games have already come out, we’re playing them and lovin ‘em, but where do we go from here? Well, do not fret, hope is [...]

Today we have treats. Special treats in fact. Why do I have such wonderful treats for you all? Well, Team USA did the impossible in beating La Roja of Spain last night 2-0 to reach the Confed Cup Finals, Fight Night Round 4 is amazing, and in less than a day I’ll be watching Revenge [...]

The Conduit Gameplay

I know I told you all just the other day that I’d already posted everything I possibly could about The Conduit. That there wasn’t much more I could really show or even tell you. Don’t sleep, when I said that I most definitely meant it. But then today rolled around. This is the day The [...]

DiRT 2!!

When you think about playing videogames a few types of games should automatically come to mind: fighters, shooters, sports games, platformers, and racers. I know that amongst those there are sub-genres upon sub-genres, but generally speaking those are the 5 food groups of the gaming world. Nintendo and the Wii have pretty much all of [...]

The Conduit!!

In two days the Wii could be changed forever. June 23 could be remembered as the day that one game, made by one studio, exploded onto the Wii and proved that amazing hardcore games could be developed for the system. The game is The Conduit, and the development studio is High Voltage Software. I’ve written [...]

Throughout the history of tennis there have been some amazing rivalries: Sampras vs. Agassi, Connors vs. Borg, McEnroe vs Borg & Connors, Wimbledon vs. US Open, Nadal vs. Federer, Serena vs. Venus, Kournikova vs. jealous girlfriends. You catch my drift. Well, thanks to the Wii and Wii Motion Plus, you can add another pair to [...]

The Conduit!!

Have you ever had the realization that no matter what you do, you’re getting older? That you’re actually an adult now? Well, it’s been that type of two days for me. Yesterday was my two year wedding anniversary (thank you) and we also have now put an offer in on an awesome townhouse, which would [...]