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Archive for May, 2009

Red Steel 2 is WMP Only!!

Red Steel 2 has the potential to be outstanding. If the game can fix all the flaws that people found with the original, it can be absolutely amazing. Ubisoft needs to fix the control scheme and deliver what they originally promised us. It looks to me that they know this as much as anyone. When [...]

Contra ReBirth!!

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. The most famous cheat code ever. The code that prolonged so many sessions of one of the most amazing games ever: Contra. That original NES title was infuriatingly fun. Were it not for that infamous code it may just be considered infuriating. Contra was [...]

Spore Hero Trailer!!

E3 is just around the corner and game developers are lining up their titles. One of the big ones to be shown for the Wii is Spore Hero, the follow-up to last year’s long awaited PC game Spore. Spore Hero is a Wii exclusive title that is taking the original and aiming it at a [...]


If I had to make a list of things I’d consider to be the all time best it’d be fairly simple: Transformers, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Star Wars, Punch-Out!!, and The Wire. To imagine that any of those would be combined with another is absolutely mind-blowing. The universe may cease to exist. Well, it [...]

Grand Slam Tennis looks great. Tiger 10 looks even better. These two games, developed by EA, are embracing the Wii and it’s add-on Wii Motion Plus better than perhaps any sports titles will. Tiger is giving us disk golf, GST is giving us party play. Tiger is giving us Annika Sorensta, GST is giving s [...]

Friday Video Blowout!!!

So, I’ve been thinking about how I could wrap this glorious week up with a bang. A typical post showing one game with a cool new feature just wasn’t going to cut it. Not this Friday. Not the Friday after my beloved Manchester United qualify for the Champions League final in Rome. Not on the [...]

The Destiny of Zorro!!

When a Zorro based game was announced on the Wii I didn’t know what to think. Having a game that was based around swordplay surely is tempting. But, there’s no Wii Motion Plus integration. Plus, I just never really got into the whole Zorro thing. It was before my time and then they tried to [...]

Punch-Out!!: Behind The Scenes!!

It’s been a minute since I brought you guys some Punch-Out!! news. I’ve been obsessed with Tiger, Tennis and The Conduit. I do apologize.
The wait for Punch-Out!! is almost over. Just a couple of weeks before Little Mac enters the ring again on his quest to become the champion Doc Louis knows he can be. [...]

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