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Dead Space Extraction’s E3 Demo!!

This is a very special treat for everyone. IGN was recently given the opportunity to take Dead Space Extraction’s two player co-op for a nice little spin. Not only did they get to play the game for well on 20 minutes, they were kind enough to share the footage with those of us unable to attend E3 next week. Extraction is the prequel to the smash hit Dead Space that launched on the 360 and PS3 last year. Extraction is basically an on-rails shooter done in what looks to be the perfect way. You’re gonna have puzzles thrown at you as well as some truly horrifying baddies. For the co-op it’s looking like a second player can jump in at any time and then all weapons and ammo are shared. When doing the puzzles in co-op one player will defend against the hordes of killer aliens while the other will work out what needs to be done to advance. The demo video is long, like 18 minutes long. It’s an amazing 18 minutes though as Dead Space Extraction looks beautiful well, in that eerie I just shot an aliens legs off sort of way. The team at EA is doing a great job with this title and I am seriously hoping they meet their deadline and get it to us by the end of the year. I’m also seriously jealous of anyone who got to experience this demo firsthand. If you’re like me, and I like to think you are, then you’ll probably watch this video more than once before you just give up and resign to waiting. Enjoy the demo video below and stay tuned for all the news from E3 I can get to you starting next week.

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