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Metroid Prime Trilogy!!!

During the last generation of consoles you’d have to say that the GameCube was by far the most underrated. This is despite having some amazing titles including Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime & Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. Well, we know that RE4 has been ported over to the Wii and was a huge success. We also know that Metroid Prime 3 Corruption was one of the first legitimately awesome games for the Wii. So, would Wii owners ever get a chance to play a proper Wii version of the Trilogy in full? Yes we will.

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Retro Studios announced last week that Metroid Prime Trilogy would be released on one disk and for the awesome price of $49.99. Yeah, that’s three amazing games on one disk for the price of a new game. Of course, I’m sure many of you have played the full trilogy or at least played Corruption. What could entice you to buy this disk of games? Maybe the fact that all three titles will include the same controls that made Corruption such an amazing game to play. Prime and Echoes will not only be updated to share the controls of Corruption, but will also now boast full widescreen and 480p support. If you played Prime 2 then you’re aware that the game had 4 player local multiplayer. Yes, this Wii version also has the same mode. Unfortunately, it’s not supported online. So, is there any reason whatsoever not to buy this? I can’t think of any, that’s for sure. If you’re the pessimistic type you have until August 24th to think of one. Either way, I’m posting a couple videos of the game(s) in action below. Enjoy.

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