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Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings!!

Is there anyone out there who didn’t grow up loving Indiana Jones? I mean, how could you not completely idolize the whip toting, hat wearing, snake hating archaeologist? The man is a legend. Then came Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Let’s just say it wasn’t classic Indy. Luckily LucasArts is looking to make things right with Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings. From what I’ve read the only thing missing is Harrison Ford’s voice. Yes, that’s a biggie. But, the rest is vintage Indy through and through. The game is set a year after The Last Crusade, or pre-Crystal Skull if you prefer. The menu is even setup to be an interactive version Dr. Jones’ office. Awesome. Another thing that is awesome is the two trailers I’m going to post below. Enjoy.

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