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Madden 10 News!!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts that E3 is just around the corner. I’m also pretty positive that we’ve discussed Madden 10 before, and that the team at EA Tiburon is completely rehashing it for the Wii. Well, IGN has posted a Pre-E3 Hands-On of the game and I’m here to summarize the bits I find the juiciest.

I know you’re all aware of the new look of the game but, I’ll review just in case. The team at EA has gone with a simpler design for the characters. Instead of a different design for every character there are 5 models used: QB, Running Back, Linebackers, Linemen, and Defensive Backs. I guess the thinking was we didn’t need a perfectly modeled Peyton or Brady, I’d assume that it also makes identifying who can do what a bit simpler. They’re also redesigning the stadiums, as well as the menus. It seems like the look has a bit of an arcade feel to it, certainly different from any other Madden we’ve seen, but it could just work. The 5-on-5 mode has also received an overhaul, making it feel a bit more like something you’d want to play. The field is still shorter but, it’s played in correct stadiums and the players don practice jerseys for the game. Included in 5-on-5 are the call your play modes for defense and offense. One of the new, and most intriguing, additions is that you can now play 5-on-5 in any mode. That’s right, you want a 5-on-5 franchise? You got it.

One of the things I hated about Madden 09 was the controls. Mainly, the passing controls. It felt kind of lame having to flick the Wiimote to pass. I know there are those that like it, and they swear by all things waggle, I’m just not one of them. So, I am drooling at the fact that EA has changed that completely. I’m just gonna post what IGN had to say about the new scheme as I feel like there is no way I could accurately portray it:

As far as pointer passing goes, some people will love it, and others will instantly drop it. The option for traditional buttons and d-pad passing is included, but if you want to try the new mode (which is default in most modes) it’s a pretty simple offering. Press A to snap, point at any receiver (which locks it on unless you point specifically at another), and use A to pass. Short taps are lobs, regular is a normal pass, and holding it all the way until release is a bullet. I used pointer pass the entire time, though I’m still not sure if it’ll be a permanent stint for me. If the team wants to get crazy with it in the future though (or if there’s still time), I’d be interested to see how a more advanced version would work, allowing you to grab a receiver mid-route and pull him in a different direction to change routes instantly, or press A anywhere as a type of “QB Precision” that would toss the ball where multiple receivers could get to it, or bomb it way deep to a specific point and watch them run for a long bomb, You’ve got a pointer, right? I’m curious to see how the game would play if you had the option to literally throw the ball to any position on the field; not just perfectly to your receivers.

One final addition that we are hearing about is called “Showdown Mode”. Basically this mode sounds like a gamble mode of sorts. Two to four players select an icon, favorite team, and are then divided into two teams to compete in short games. There are several options for determining the rules of these games, including no score cap and the ability to set a time limit. Then all the players will vote, or gamble as I think that sounds better, on all sorts of variables: winner, yardage, and other stats. You play these games in a set number of rounds, and the winner of the most rounds (person with most correct bets) wins in the end. Oh, you’ll also be able to add a slew of gamechangers to help determine the action. These include fumblitis (fumbling constantly), invisible player, turbo, no passing or running plasy, no call your shot, and several others. This mode, with its gamechangers and different gametypes, look to be this years “Party Mode”. Fortunately, it also sounds like a lot of fun. I’m hoping it’s a slightly watered down version of Madden’s take on an NFL Blitz type game (early Blitz not the latest Steroid taking Blitz). If that is the fact is to be seen, but the potential is definitely there.

This is just a tad of the information available on IGN and I implore you to check over there for the full article. With Madden 10 you know there will be tons of hype leading up to its August release, I can guarantee I’ll pass along as much of that as possible. I know that I for one am hoping to hear the magical words “voice chat enabled” spoken at E3 this year, that could make Madden 10 Wii a true competitor to its graphically superior counterparts. Fingers crossed boys. Fingers crossed.

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    There’s also tons of info on the official Madden website - videos, blogs, etc. If you’re a true Madden fan like me, you gotsta check it out - http://maddennfl.easports.com/

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