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Disk Golf Coming to Tiger 10!!

Disk golf is amazingly fun to play. In my opinion it’s right up there with wiffle ball and kick ball. I have a sneaking suspicion that the same man invented all three of these games. That man deserves a Nobel Prize. Why am I harping on about disk golf? Well, because EA has announced that [...]

This week Nintendo is giving it’s faithful Wii owners two releases for WiiWare & Virtual Conosle. WiiWare will be getting Crystal Defenders R1, while the VC will be getting Wonder Boy 3: Monster Lair.
Crystal Defenders is a game made by Square Enix that was successful on mobile platforms. In the one player title you are [...]

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice how hyped I am over EA’s Grand Slam Tennis. The game looks amazing, and is destined to be one of the best sports titles on the Wii yet. It’s incorporation of Wii-Motion Plus is supposed to be nearly flawless. All of that plus I can play as Johnny [...]

I’m at a loss of words at what to say in this post. Should I harp on and on about The Conduit or should I just let the videos themselves do the talking? I mean, the walkthrough and interviews are all done by design director, David Pellas. In them he touches on everything from the [...]

The Conduit Multiplayer Trailer!!!

The Conduit is going to be ridiculously awesome. I could leave this post to that sentence and the trailer that’ll be below but, then you may feel cheated. Luckily there is some news about the MP modes that we’ve not heard before, as well as a couple off-screen videos of the campaign that I’ll be [...]

Silent Hill was a scary game. I remember going to a friends and watching him play it just thinking, “Wow, this is really scary.” I’ve always felt that it eclipsed Resident Evil in nearly every way; scare factor, graphics, and even gameplay. I know that I am virtually alone in that train of thought.
When [...]

Punch-Out!! Multiplayer Gameplay!!

I’m going out on a limb here and stating that the only thing needed to sum up the awesomeness of the following video is: Oh.My.God. We’ve heard about the MP aspect of Punch-Out!! before, but this is the first we’ve seen of it. Yes, it’s local MP only, at least as far as we know. [...]

WiiWare & Virtual Console Monday

So, after one of the nicest days in recent history I got to wake up to horrific rain and wind. It was like Monday was punishing Sunday or something. I could literally feel the building my office is in shaking from the wind. Luckily, it looks to clear up for the rest of the week. [...]

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