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Ok, so this is a bit out of left field, just bare with me. Last year at E3 Capcom & Bionic Games revealed Spyborgs. It was going to be a quirky action title that looked like a Saturday Morning cartoon. In fact, they even incorporated commercial style mini-games to make sure you knew it was a Wii title. The game looked and sounded horrible so, I just brushed it aside. Here’s the original trailer:

However, Capcom just held it’s Captivate 09 event and wanted to address all the haters. They had a point to prove and wanted us to know they knew that Spyborgs was destined to be a great game. How did they prove this point? By completely overhauling the title. Gone are the commercials, no longer will there be on-rails segments, instead of 5 characters we get 3, and it’s now a dedicated arcade style brawler title with slight puzzle work thrown in. Oh, the game also now looks great. Instead of looking like something you’d watch while eating Cap’n Crunch it looks like a Wii version of Ratchet & Clanck. Yeah, I said it. The level details are outstanding, as are the characters. As a character progresses his look will change, too cool! In the past year Bionic Games has been hard at work developing what could be an amazing Wii title. I know I’m excited about getting a great looking brawler that also plays well on the Wii. All we know is that Spyborgs will be out sometime this year, let’s hope Bionic stick with the improvements and stay far away from cartoons. You’ll find the latest trailer as well as a co-op gameplay video below.