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Resident Evil:Darkside Chronicles!!!

When Capcom released Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles last year on the Wii, it was a hit. In fact, it sold a million plus titles. The on-rails shooter was fun to play, atmospheric, and looked pretty good. Well, the team at Capcom is hoping to improve every aspect, especially the graphics. They are promising some of the best graphics on the Wii yet and an atmosphere that can’t be rivaled. The camera has also been tweaked to seem more like it’s recording on a hand-held, shaking as you progress through a level. In Darkside Chronicles you will play as Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy, or both in co-op! That’s right, co-op. There’s no word whether you can have online co-op but, my fingers are crossed. The game will serve the same purpose as Umbrella Chronicles, which is mainly to fill in gaps between various RE games. Along with Claire and Leon, Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin are expected to appear in the game. Let’s hope for an Ada unlockable to use in a play through. Capcom revealed the trailer for Resident Evil:Darkside Chronicles at their Captivate 09 event in Monte Carlo. There is no release date set for the game, I’d expect either the end of the year or Q1 2010. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer below. Capcom is right, it does look nice and definitely has great atmosphere. Enjoy.