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Dead Space Extraction Interview!

Dead Space was a game that many people loved. It was viewed as a fresh take on the survivor horror genre. Perhaps that is due to the fact that it was set in space, or maybe it was because the game wasn’t Resident Evil. All I know is that with the acclaim, you knew there’d be more of Dead Space to come. I don’t however think anyone predicted the next title to hit the Wii and for it to be a prequel. I’ve done a few write-ups on the game already, and posted whatever videos I’ve found for your viewing pleasure. Well, there’s a new interview with one of the designers, Steve Papoutsis. In the game he harps on about some of the new features such as alternative fire, as well as bonuses of bringing the game to the Wii. One of the things he’s done, and that the Dead Space team has done all along, is stray away from calling this game an “on-rails” title. Extraction is clearly an on-rails shooter. You can call the game guided all you want but, that just means on-rails. Offering different paths to choose or throwing in a puzzle here or there doesn’t change the game from what it is. I don’t understand why they want to distinguish it from that so much. I’m sure it’s to distance the game from HOTD:Overkill or Umbrella Chronicles but, they should let the gameplay do the talking. It just feels a bit contrived for them to continually push that this is not an on-rails shooter. Yes, that was a bit of a rant but, it kind of annoys me. What doesn’t annoy me is the footage of gameplay and screen shots that accompany the interview, which you will find below. Enjoy.

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