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Madden 10 Walkthrough!

The theme for today seems to be walkthrough mania. Last week we debuted the new trailer for Madden 10 Wii. I’m sure you’ll remember me cutting jokes about the visual style. Yes, it looks silly. Apparently there are only 5 character models: QB, WR, Line-Backer and Defensive Lineman, D-Back, and Offensive Lineman. EA are doing [...]

So, I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. It could just be allergies. I keep trying to convince myself it’s Pig Flu but, I know it’s not. That would not be awesome. What is awesome though is that there is a new trailer for The Conduit out as well as a walkthrough of Spyborgs. [...]


Ok, so this is a bit out of left field, just bare with me. Last year at E3 Capcom & Bionic Games revealed Spyborgs. It was going to be a quirky action title that looked like a Saturday Morning cartoon. In fact, they even incorporated commercial style mini-games to make sure you knew it was [...]

Resident Evil:Darkside Chronicles!!!

When Capcom released Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles last year on the Wii, it was a hit. In fact, it sold a million plus titles. The on-rails shooter was fun to play, atmospheric, and looked pretty good. Well, the team at Capcom is hoping to improve every aspect, especially the graphics. They are promising some of the [...]

Dead Space Extraction Interview!

Dead Space was a game that many people loved. It was viewed as a fresh take on the survivor horror genre. Perhaps that is due to the fact that it was set in space, or maybe it was because the game wasn’t Resident Evil. All I know is that with the acclaim, you knew there’d [...]

WiiWare & Virtual Console Monday!!!

So, has everyone recovered from the NFL Draft? Did your team make good picks or are you a Raiders fan? My Falcons did pretty good. Other than that, it was a pretty nice weekend. The weather was amazing and you could sense that Mother Nature was awaiting this weeks Nintendo Download, let’s hope the two [...]

It’s no secret that EA Sports’ Tiger 10 will be released soon. It should also be no secret that the game is expected to be more than awesome. The game is promising an unparalleled golfing experience thanks to the Wii Motion Plus technology. Luckily, the team at Tiburon Studios has a track record of great [...]

That’s right folks, on this Friday I’m hitting you with a double dose of EA deliciousness. I want to talk about Madden. The man is retiring from the booth, and it’s a sad day in sports broadcasting. John Madden is a true legend for work he did on the field, in the booth, and even [...]

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