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Punch Out!!!

Upon the realization that I’ve not made one single post about upcoming mega-game, Punch Out!!, I sat looking at the site wondering how I let this happen? The original Mike Tyson’s Punchout is one of my all-time favorite games and yes, it will always be Mike Tyson’s Punchout to me. The time and dedication it took to memorize when a punch was coming from Bald Bull or when it actually safe to go after Iron Mike was ridiculous. I remember when I finally beat Tyson for the first time how happy and accomplished I felt. At the time only 1 of my friends had beat him, only no one was there to see so it was heavily debated. I, on the other hand, made sure that my neighbor and his little brother were in the room to see Little Mac do the seemingly impossible. This is one of the joys of videogames, it takes you back to simpler times.

Well, Nintendo has decided the people deserve to see the return of Little Mac. Gone are the days of 8-bit glory for Mac and Doc Louis, from what’s been shown of the game it looks like Next Level Games is going for a cell-shaded/cartoon look for the title, which actually seems to work. The animations and characters pretty much look how you would expect them to in 2009. I have to say that we are all lucky this is a Nintendo classic as it wouldn’t be the same on the PS3 or 360. Going by the trailers, Punch-Out!! looks to deliver very much the same experience we loved as kids. For those of you wondering, this means that we will be able to use the classic controller!! Of course, they will want you to use the Nunchuck & Wiimote combo to throw punches and block but, if you want to go old school plug in the classic and use the D-Pad along with the 1 & 2 button for Punch-Out glory! Next Level has told us that there will be 13 fighters, and one of the new fighters is a character named Disco Kid. Some of the confirmed returning characters are Glass Joe, Von Kaiser and King Hippo. Punch-Out on NES had 11 characters so, unless my math is seriously horrible, there’s at least one other new character, depending on how many of the old cast we get to see again. The last tidbit I’ll leave you with is the fact that Ninty has said that there will be a two player mode where you can fight Little Mac as…Little Mac. I guess two player would be great and fun but, why couldn’t we choose any fighter? Hopefully Next Level steps it up and adds that to the game as well as making it online compatible. Punch-Out!! is due to hit shelves on May 19 and below you will find the teaser trailer as well as the newest gameplay trailer. Get ready to drool!