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The Conuit & Boom Blox Bash Party!

You must be wondering how on Earth I plan on posting about The Conduit and Boom Blox 2 in the same post. Well, hold on to your hats and prepare to be amazed!


Let’s start with a bit of news about The Conduit. IGN recently sat down with one of the games producers and its creative officer. The interview doesn’t really give us anything new but, elaborates on some things people may be curious about. The Conduit places you in the well trained shoes of secret service Agent Ford. The man is your typical clean cut order following American, just the sort of man The Trust could use. The Trust is the shadow government behind our own. Not very much is known about The Trust, other than they have been playing puppet master for quite some time. If you are a conspiracy theorist, think of The Trust as the Illuminati. They are the ones who are truly running the show. The deeper into the game you delve, the more secrets about The Trust that Agent Ford will uncover.

Agent Ford

You see, things in DC are getting a bit out of hand. There is rioting, terrorist attacks, a killer virus, contaminated water, all the usual suspects. All of this is just a precursor to a full-scale alien assault. When the aliens come you can bet that things are sure to get interesting. The Conduit is leaving very few doubts that it is going to be the king of FPS’ on the Wii. With a story inspired by Cloverfield, The Earth Chronicles, and the king of conspiracies himself, David Icke, rest assured that the story could match the gameplay we’ve been promised.


Now, let’s change directions completely! Last year Steven Spielberg teamed up with EA and gave the world Boom Blox. It was a puzzle game where the goal was to take something, and hurl it at something else. Yes, I am aware that is the simplest way of describing it but, you get the point. The game sold well enough and gained enough praise that EA is giving us a sequel. In Boom Blox Bash Party they are delivering basically the same game, just improving on pretty much the full package. The graphics engine has been improved, instead of cardboard style cutouts you’ll be in 3D fully designed levels that could be interactive. The physics have been improved, you’ll get near weightlessness in water and zero gravity while in outer space. EA Los Angeles’ title is also delivering from 400-600 levels, a multitude of new weapons and balls to use, lots of new characters and quite a few different modes of play. All of this is made even more relevant by the level creator, which EA is touting as the games greatest feature. Using Nintendo’s Wi-Fi, players will also be able to login using EA’s servers (that’s right, no codes!!!) and download created content in a matter of seconds. With the popularity of PS3’s smash hit, Little Big Planet, and what is sure to be a hit in BBBP, user generated content is sure to be the future. Boom Blox Bash Party is going to explode onto store shelves May 19. Below is an interview IGN did with the developers that includes a nice amount of gameplay, I know you’re thirsting for some!