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Cursed Mountain Update & Gameplay!

Ok, I have to admit that Cursed Mountain was flying very low on my radar. In fact, one could say that it was just a blip that showed up for a second then went away, an anomaly if you will. The Wii exclusive, developed & published by Deep Silver, looks to take the horror genre into a whole new realm. Instead of two-headed aliens, creepy little girls, disgusting zombies or T-Virus infected dogs, Cursed Mountain is more of a psychological thriller. You will play as Eric Simmons, a man on a mission to find his brother who went missing on an expedition in the Himalayas. As the protagonist your goal is to scale the mountain until you find him. The problem is, along the way Eric starts to lose it a bit. You see, he starts to encounter the ghosts of men who were claimed by the mountain. Eric began his journey a sane man, and along the way he fears that the isolation combined with lack of oxygen are playing tricks on him. Or, is there really an evil presence on the mountain that has targeted him as its next victim? When you encounter one of these spirits you will need to enter their realm and begin combat. The combat is going to be a gesture system supposedly based on symbols of prayers or mantras. After you have defeated a spirit, they are free. Basically, you aren’t killing them or doing them harm, but freeing them of the mountain. Deep Silver have high hopes for delivering an experience unlike any other on the Wii, and even hope to have Wii Motion Plus incorporated into its title. Cursed Mountain is reportedly still in early beta and has a soft release date of September 2009. With the game as promising it is, I’m sure the information stream will be full blast in the coming months. Below I’ve posted the trailer for Cursed Mountain as well as two brand new gameplay videos, enjoy!