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Peter Moore Interview!

Peter Moore is most definitely a mad man of gaming. The Godfather of the dreamcast went on to become Microsofts 360 golden boy and is now the lord of EA Sports. He recently spoke to the fine folks at IGN about all things gaming related and how EA will put its red and blue stamp on them. One of the sauciest parts of the interview was when he started talking about the Wii and how it offers aspects of play that the 360 and PS3 simply cannot. He even goes on to say that the future of gaming will be closer with Wii type controls than your classic controls. I love the part where he shouts out Cricket, Rugby and Lacrosse. Imagine Wii Cricket!! A week long match, now that would completely wipe you out. The Moore also throws in the mandatory shout out to EA Sports Active, the mega-company’s answer to Wii Fit. The man is a legend and one of the truly entertaining figures in the gaming world. Let’s hope he continues to be a driving force for years to come. As always, check the interview below.

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