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Archive for February, 2009

Mad World Gameplay!

IGN is running Mad World month and boy is it amazing. They’ve spoken with developers about the game, introduced us to the people behind the carnage, and now they are unleashing 2 minutes of Direct-Feed Gameplay awesomeness. Yes, it really is that amazing.

Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics Trailer!

Well, this game was rumored, then it was confirmed. Can’t say I’m surprised at all by this but, I am hyped on it. The first Mario & Sonic Olympics was an amazingly fun title. Now that the Wii is a bit older and the balance board is in full effect, let’s hope and expect for [...]

Lit Developer Diary w/Bonus Gameplay video!

Last week I spoke to you all about Lit, the WiiWare title developed by WayForward. Well, Lit launched last week and it looks like info is starting to flow on the title. I’ve not picked this game up yet, I hope to soon though and should be able to have a full review for you [...]

Mad World Comic-Con Walkthrough

Believe it or not but, Mad World is now less than a month away. That means that we are less than a month from playing what looks to be one of the goriest, yet stylistic games to come out in a long time. I’m talking on any console. Sure, the “big boys” may have the [...]

Sonic:The Black Knight Trailer

A few weeks ago I posted a trailer up about Sonic: The Black Knight. I was, and still am, a bit iffy on whether this game will actually be any good. Of course, I am a bit biased due to the hours I spent on my Genesis playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Generally, I’m [...]

New Dead Rising Video!

Dead Rising on the Wii has gotten a lot of flack. Some people say the port will ruin the zombie smash hit that released on the 360 in 2006. They say that the Wii’s hardware just can’t put the amount of zombies on screen that made the original as hectic as it was. They argue [...]

The Conduit @ Comic-Con

New York comic-con was last week and the games were in full swing. Unfortunately for me I was unable to attend. But, many other gaming sites were represented and I’ve been taking notes. One of the games on display was the amazing looking Wii title, The Conduit. The Conduit splashed on the scene at E3 [...]

Do Work Friday Episode 5

Ahh, another glorious Friday. This Friday is extra special since it is my birthday. Thank you. So, what shall we talk about on this birthday Friday? How about the one thing that we all love. The reason we care about the Wii: Games. So far during its lifespan the Wii has delivered a few great [...]

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