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Super Meat Boy Teaser = Ultra Creepy!

I don’t know if any of you ever played the game N+ that was available on Xbox Live but I did and was a big fan. Basically you played a ninja who had to make it from one door to another. The room would be filled with obstacles of various sorts, and you had to traverse them all. Well, a few months ago I came across a flash game that was similar called Meat Boy. In the game you played what seems to be a raw steak and are out to rescue your lady friend, Bandaid Girl. Luckily for me, and anyone else who loved this flash game, the developers are bringing Meat in all his glory to WiiWare. The team developing the game have said that it will not ramp up in difficulty as fast as the flash version, and that they are considering the level editor but, no promises have been made on that front. One of the best parts of the game was the music, and they say the same musician will be back for the WiiWare version of the game. They’re saying the game should be ready sometime in Q4 of this year, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, check out what may be the creepiest teaser video ever created.

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