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Mini Ninjas Attack in Fall

Yesterday I found a trailer for a game that made me watch it twice. The reason I needed to watch it twice was to try and wrap my head on exactly how this title has not been talked about. Mini Ninjas is a game in development by Eidos and IO Interactive, the teams that brought [...]

Another Tenchu Trailer!

Believe it or not, but I am really looking forward to Tenchu: Shadow Assasins release. The stealth ninja game coming over to the Wii exclusively is a blessing in disguise. It adds a bit of street cred to our beloved system, if you will. I’ve posted two trailers for the game so far, with the [...]

The Conduit

I’ve not done anything on The Conduit yet, so today is as good as any to get the first post on High Voltage Software’s anticipated FPS up for your enjoyment. The Conduit turned heads at E3 this year because it looked beautiful. There were reports saying that the effects and graphics the game presented were [...]

Virtual Console & WiiWare Monday

Another Monday means more release dates for Nintendo’s Virtual Console and Wiiware. On this holiday Nintendo is treating us to three releases. The Virtual Console will be getting the Sega classic MUSHA, while WiiWare will add Family Glide Hockey and High Voltage Hot Rod Show to its expanding library.

MUSHA is a surprise release as the [...]

Do Work Fridays Episode 3!

It’s that time of the week again. The time where we sit back and wonder how Nintendo can improve on the Wii. Well, that’s easy, they need to Do Work! If you remember last week’s episode, I talked about the downfalls of online play with the Wii. There are many inadequacies of playing the Wii [...]

Deadly Creatures Preview

There are a few epic battles that have plagued mankind since the beginning of time: Chuck Norris vs. Steven Segal, Apple vs. Microsoft, Ninjas vs. Pirates. But, none of these questions can match the sheer awesomeness of: Tarantula vs. Scorpion. Both of these insects are terrifying. In fact, I am more afraid of scorpions than [...]

The New Tenchu Trailer is Epic!!

So, a bit ago I posted the latest Tenchu Trailer, and I was quite impressed. I know some of you were not so much. However, the latest trailer, courtesy of GameTrailers, is truly epic. The story looks more fleshed out and there are no odd British accents. Ayame does not appear in this trailer but, [...]

This week Nintendo is giving us three titles to have fun with. Two of them are for WiiWare: Jungle Speed and Planet Pachinko. They are also giving us the classic Casltevania 3: Dracula’s Curse on the Virtual Console. Jungle Speed is a fast paced card game that can be played with 1-8 players. Players flip [...]

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