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Boom Blox 2 Announced

Last year it was announced that Steven Spielberg was teaming up with EA to create a game for the Wii. Many of us drooled at the thought of an expansive story being told all the while utilizing the finer points of the Wii. Instead, we got Boom Blox. The game was reviewed fairly enough and certainly has its share of fans. Well, EA has taken note of that and recently announced Boom Blox: Bash Party. The game will focus more on party play, apparently the Wii lacks party games, and will present an overall polish to the game. One of the main new features will be downloadable content available from other users and directly from EA. I love the fact that developers market DLC so readily these days. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to pour more money into a game after you’ve already bought it for $50 or so?? Let’s just hope what EA gives us will be free and worthwhile. A couple screens via our friends at are below.

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    I must confess I have not played the original version of this game, but I remember hearing about it when it was released. I really want to give it a try because surely a video game created with the involvement of Stephen Spielberg must be worth playing!