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Virtual Console and WiiWare Update Monday!

Well, this was quite the weekend for yours truly. Mainly because I was without cable and internet all weekend. I will say that in the year 2009 we have become 100% dependent on these two sources for news and entertainment. I was stuck looking for updates on my iPod Touch and watching 1970’s style blurry blue/green/red local TV stations. It was like being in the past and the future at the same time. Ok, my rant is over on that, just wanted to put it out there, also it’s the reason why there was no episode of Do Work Friday last week. Don’t worry, it will be back this week and I may even hit you with a double dose of awesomeness!

Yes, today is in fact Monday. The last Monday in the first month of tenth year of the twenty-first century to be exact. So, what does Nintendo have in store for us on this epic Monday? We will be getting two games today, WiiWare will be getting Niki - Rock N Ball, while the Virtual Console will be getting the classic Sega tite WonderBoy in Monster Land.

Niki-Rock ‘n’ Ball is a supposedly new take on classic arcade gaming, you know the ones where the only objective is to kill everything and make it to the end of the level. In the game you will be a ball rolling along collecting pearls and medals and killing monsters. You can transform to “rock” form to take even stronger monsters out, all the while hopping and rolling along different stages. The game is developed by Bplus and can be played solo or co-op with a friend. It is available today for 500 points, check the trailer below.

WonderBoy in Monster Land is a title that was originally available for the Sega Master System way back in 1987. The original title was considered ridiculously hard, mainly for the fact that there was no continue or password system on the consoles. This game takes the WonderBoy of the original title and transports him from prehistoric times to medieval times. He will have a sword as his main weapon and can barter for upgrades to armor and magic. The title, developed by Sega and Weston games is a 1 player game and is available today for 500 points.

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