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Woman Uses Wii as Credit Card Machine…

Ok, so this story is coming to us through Kotaku, via the forums at NeoGAF. Apparently one of it’s friendly users, HUELEN10, tried to be a good samaritan and explain the wonders of the Wii to his neighbor. Let’s just say, hilarity ensued.

“My neighbors which I don’t really know to well to begin with, got their kids a Wii for Xmas. They got no games for it, but they did get a Classic Controller as well as an additional Nunchuck Combo and a carrying case. They asked me what games they recommended, and I decided to recommend them the Animal Crossing City Folk/Wii Speak bundle, Wario Land Shake It,Mario Kart Wii, and Super mario Galaxy. I also recommended them some VC games including Super mario World, and Sonic 2 8-bit. Anywho, the Mom asks me what VC is, and I told her. I told her that all she needed to do was put in her credit card when prompted on the Shop Channel, and get the amount of points she wanted. I also told her what WiiSpeak is, and how to connect her Wii to the internet via an ethernet connection. Anywho, I got a call today from the mom telling me that the Wii is not working. I asked what was wrong and you won’t believe it……… SHE PHYSICALLY PUT 3 CREDIT CARDS INTO THE DISC SLOT. HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Also while putting the Wii Speak on top of her sensor bar, she apparently cracked it open. Just ugh. I told her she has to cancel her cards and call Nintendo for a 75USD repair, and now she expects ME to pay for this. Her husband is on my side of the issue, but she is steaming at me right now. Seriously, she put in 1, and thought that that one could not be accepted, so she kept putting them in and they will not come out. I might try to remove them tomorrow with her hubby while she is away on a business trip.”

Now, I’m with Kotaku on this and saying you can’t know for sure that this really happened but, would you really put it past anyone? I know that parents don’t really understand gaming technology, this was made apparent over the holidays and playing Mario Kart Wii with my parents. But, to think that you could actually put your cards in a system and that would charge them well, I don’t know what to think. The user did post some pics so, I guess that means that it happened for real, who knows. A part of me wants to think there is no way it happened, another part of me can’t help but believe it did. Check the link below and judge for yourself.

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