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Do Work Friday Episode 4

Thank God It’s Friday! The week is over, the weekend is near and it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. One of the most heralded and glorious sporting events known to man is just over 48 hours away. The day will be celebrated with Madden Tournaments around the globe. Sports are going to fill the day on [...]

Boom Blox 2 Announced

Last year it was announced that Steven Spielberg was teaming up with EA to create a game for the Wii. Many of us drooled at the thought of an expansive story being told all the while utilizing the finer points of the Wii. Instead, we got Boom Blox. The game was reviewed fairly enough and [...]

Mickey Mouse and Co. Dance Dance!

I think we all know that Dance Dance Revolution is a smash hit. I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to say that Disney characters are some of the most well known fictional characters of all time. Well, when will we bear witness to the combining of these two juggernauts of pop-culture you may [...]

Deadly Creatures Developer Diary

It’s become quite the trend for game developers to give us an inside view at different aspects of their game prior to release. This is a trend that I can get behind 100%. It’s an extension on trailers as it gives you an idea of what the developers were thinking, and in some cases how [...]

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

I think it’s no secret that the Japanese get some of the best gaming related exclusives that are being made. When it comes to the Wii, this is fact even more pronounced. They have so many exclusives attached to the Wii that it is quite sad. Whether it’s a Wii check-up channel or the ability [...]

Well, this was quite the weekend for yours truly. Mainly because I was without cable and internet all weekend. I will say that in the year 2009 we have become 100% dependent on these two sources for news and entertainment. I was stuck looking for updates on my iPod Touch and watching 1970’s style blurry [...]

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics?!?

Some exciting news for you guys on this cold winter morning: According to the Spanish Nintendo magazine Nintendo Accion, Mario and Sonic will be teaming it up once again to battle it out at the Olympics, winter style!! Seganerds have a copy of the scan on their site. Though the scan is in spanish, [...]

Sonic & The Black Knight Trailer!!

So, our friends over at Wii Blog are quite excited about the latest Sonic game, even after the disaster that was Secret Rings. Looking at the latest trailer I can see why. This isn’t your typical Sonic game, The Black Knight looks to be a full on action/adventure title, complete with sword wielding Sonic! You’ll [...]