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Clayfighter to the VC and other wishings…

So, IGN is reporting that Clayfighter is available on the Virtual Console today. If I could put into words how excited this makes me, it may not be sufficient. I remember my friend and I spending approximately 20 hours a day one summer playing nothing other than this SNES classic. I mean, who doesn’t want to fight with a claymation evil snowmen, or a ridiculous looking Elvis impersonator?? Could a premise for a game be any simpler, yet retain the sheer level of awesomeness? I think not. Bad Mr. Frosty may be the most amazing game character ever. Give me an evil snowman that can spit deadly snowballs, and I’m sold. Again, IGN simply has the release date for this title being today, and I can’t find any other info out there. So, if you guys want to confirm before I can check my VC at home today, be my guest.

This got me thinking about other titles I’d want to hit the Virtual Console. Mainly, Killer Instinct. A mega-corporation that organizes death matches, sign me right up. The KI franchise hit during the middle of Mortal Kombat mania, and I thought it was an amazing and fresh take for fighting games. Not only that, but I remember it looking absolutely beautiful. Not sure if it would hold up but graphics wise, but certainly Nintendo and Rare can work together to bring us this title.

Another title I’d love to see would be the Sega Genesis title, Pit Fighter. I used to spend weekends at my friends house playing this game. We must’ve been about 10 or so, but would have too much fun. Remember Knife-Woman, she’d come out of the crowd and stab you? I want that!!! Why can’t modern fighting games deliver that sort of wackiness?? So far the Virtual Console has done an amazing job on delivering titles that we all know and love, I can only hope that in 2009, they take it to the next level.

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  1. 1 marguerite

    hi, did you ever find how to download clayfighter?

    thank you!