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Virtual Console & WiiWare Releases

The year is winding down to its final days and that means that this is the final release of 2008 for the Wii’s Virtual Console. Unfortunately, it looks like they are not finishing the year with a bang like some may have had hoped for. WiiWare is giving us two titles to choose from: Maboshi’s Arcade and Cue Sports - Pool Revolution. While the Virtual Console is releasing Zoda’s Revenge: Star Tropics 2.

Maboshi’s Arcade is a game that honestly sounds quite peculiar, and even a bit confusing. You play simultaneously in three different modes and in three different windows. Each of the three modes are based on shapes: circle, square and stick. The common goal of each mode is the same: score a million points. The environment is constantly shifting and changing which mode you are playing at any given time, keeping players on their toes and creating an atmosphere unlike any other. In circle mode you will use controls to smack enemies, stick mode will have you weaving through poles (or sticks) and square mode will see you racing through obstacles - all of this while gaining power-ups and keeping an eye on what effects the other windows may be having on the window you are currently playing in. You will be able to send replays to friends utilizing WiiConnect 24, download a version to your DS and even have your Mii’s in the game. It is definitely an ambitious title, but for 800 points it could very well prove to be worth it.

Cue Sports - Pool Revolution is a billiards game developed by Hudson Entertainment for 1-4 players. All the pool staples are there, from 9 ball to Snooker, and they even throw in trick shots. You can choose from two different control schemes: use the Wiimote exactly as you would a cue, or you can use the buttons on the controller to set the power of your shot then strike away. The game can be played online, or locally using Wi-Fi connections. At just 500 points, if you don’t have a pool game yet this could be the one you’d want to add.

Zoda’s Revenge: Star Tropics 2 is an NES classic. It is also the second to last title ever to release for the NES so, coming at the end of the year is a bit fitting. You once again fill the shoes of Mike Jones (not the rapper) and battle it out with the evil alien Zoda, yes, again. This time though, Mike is traveling through time. Throughout the game you will encounter DaVinci, Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur and even Cleopatra. The title takes Mike through nine chapter of history, and for the bargain price of 500 points, I’d say pick it up and see if you can bring Zoda to his knees once and for all.