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WeeP 5 Advanced Zapper, will make your wiimote cry!

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Remember Nintendo’s cute little WiiZapper? You know, the cheap piece of plastic that launched with the disappointing Zelda’s Crossbow Training? Well, that very inadequate peripheral has met its maker: the WeeP 5 Advanced Zapper.

Originally posted on Instructables.com, the WeeP 5 has been making its rounds on the blogosphere, and with great reason, it looks AMAZING! The ridiculously awesome mod is the result of great fun with shooters on the Wii, lack of peripherals that translated the fun, an airsoft MP5 gun, some cables and approximately 5 buttons. The creator of the weapon, “THeOReos” deserves all the credit in the world, as this is one of the most amazing mods I’ve ever laid eyes on. The link below will provide you with step by step instructions on how to create what has to be the weapon of choice for FPS gaming.

WeeP 5 Advanced Zapper

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