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Wii to get video service, beginning in Japan…

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Streaming video content is all the rage these days, and those other consoles are even touting it as a system seller. Now it looks as though Nintendo is going to be jumping on that train, and giving it a bit of a twist. Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertising agency, has said it will be teaming up with Nintendo to produce exclusive content for the Wii. Nice to see Nintendo taking a different approach than Microsoft & Sony, though it would be nice to have traditional existing TV shows and movies available. Hopefully this is just laying the groundwork for that very thing. The spokesman for Dentsu has said that some of the programming will need to be purchased, while other content will be made available for free. This really could go any way, we could get amazing content for free, or it could just be previews and game videos. It’s been reported that the content will consist of cartoons and other Wii/Nintendo related material. No launch date has been announced at all for Japan, other than next year. There has been no mention of bringing the service overseas.

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