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Phantasy Star IV coming to Virtual Console!

Well, this week is a huge one for fans of the Wii’s Virtual Console. Phantasy Star IV is making its debut on the VC. While the game has been available in Europe since November, we here in the states can get a taste starting Today, Dec. 22. “The End of the Millennium” marked the final chapter in Sega’s proclaimed RPG series, and in my opinion, it was the best of the four. The protagonist of the story, Chaz Ashely, was one of the first game characters I remember caring about, other than our beloved Mario of course. Chaz, Alys Brangwin & Co’s. adventures in Motavia were robust and worth a play through again. It was set 1000 years after the events of 3 so, it has a much different setting, while retaining classic Phantasy Star gameplay. The title is available on the VC starting tomorrow for 800 points.

Also releasing on WiiWare this week are: Tiki Towers & Fun Fun Mini-golf. Tiki-Towers is a game that will have you controlling monkeys to build towers out of bamboo and vines. You’ll battle enemy chiefs who are hell-bent on destroying your towers. The game can be played in single player or two player co-op and costs 500 points. Fun, Fun Mini-golf is, you guessed it, a golf game. You play putt-putt with up to four friends and will cost 900 points. Both of these will also be available starting Today, December 22.

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