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Archive for December, 2008

Clayfighter to the VC and other wishings…

So, IGN is reporting that Clayfighter is available on the Virtual Console today. If I could put into words how excited this makes me, it may not be sufficient. I remember my friend and I spending approximately 20 hours a day one summer playing nothing other than this SNES classic. I mean, who doesn’t want [...]

Virtual Console & WiiWare Releases

The year is winding down to its final days and that means that this is the final release of 2008 for the Wii’s Virtual Console. Unfortunately, it looks like they are not finishing the year with a bang like some may have had hoped for. WiiWare is giving us two titles to choose from: Maboshi’s [...]

Remember Nintendo’s cute little WiiZapper? You know, the cheap piece of plastic that launched with the disappointing Zelda’s Crossbow Training? Well, that very inadequate peripheral has met its maker: the WeeP 5 Advanced Zapper.

Originally posted on, the WeeP 5 has been making its rounds on the blogosphere, and with great reason, it looks AMAZING! [...]

Streaming video content is all the rage these days, and those other consoles are even touting it as a system seller. Now it looks as though Nintendo is going to be jumping on that train, and giving it a bit of a twist. Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertising agency, has said it will be teaming up [...]

Phantasy Star IV coming to Virtual Console!

Well, this week is a huge one for fans of the Wii’s Virtual Console. Phantasy Star IV is making its debut on the VC. While the game has been available in Europe since November, we here in the states can get a taste starting Today, Dec. 22. “The End of the Millennium” marked the final [...]

Mad World Holiday Trailer

Mad World is one of the most highly anticipated games coming to the Wii in 2009. Think Running Man meets Sin City, then put it on the Wii. Yes, it’s in black and white (with tons of blood red). Yes, it’s extremely brutal. And, yes, it looks to be beautifully bloody. You play Jack, a [...]

Rock Band 2 Release Date and DLC Info!

Well, it’s finally here. The Rock Band game we’ve been waiting for, Rock Band 2. Harmonix announced a release date of December 18, yes, Today! It will be available in a few different ways: you can pick up strictly the game for $49.99, a standalone guitar and standalone drums will be available as well for [...]