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WiiWare Not Getting Penny Arcade Game

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I’m sure most of you guys/gals out there have heard of Penny Arcade… it’s a very funny online comic strip all around interesting site. Awhile back we learned that they were developing an “episodic adventure” game with the Penny Arcade front guys Gabe & Tycho.

On May 21, 2008 the game will be simultaneously launched on Xbox Live Arcade and Penny Arcade’s Greenhouse service (for PC gamers). Okay, now your probably asking yourself where is the WiiWare release date? Well it seems that the Penny Arcade will not grace our WiiWare channel due to “size restrictions”. Read more about the reasoning below, these quotes come for Nintendo World Report.

In a recent post in the official forum for the game at Penny Arcade, Hothead Games member Vlad Ceraldi has revealed that the current size restriction put on WiiWare titles could prevent Penny Arcade Adventures from ever coming to WiiWare. “Until the size restriction is increased, the game will not be going to WiiWare. Sorry.”

So, unless Nintendo changes that limitation, Wii owning Penny Arcade fans are going to have to look at one of the other platforms before they can play the title. Nintendo World Report has learned that Hothead Games is a licensed Wii developers and all parties involved (including Nintendo) wanted to see the title make it to the console. In fact, the studio would most likely revisit the situation if the size requirements ever change.

Why doesn’t Nintendo do something about this? Seems like it would only benefit them… just make an external Wii Hard Drive. I’m sure if Nintendo doesn’t do it soon, another company will beat them to the punch. OH NO!!! it might not come in Wii White… oh the humanity!

(Via Nintendo World Report)

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