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Yahoo! Wii Fit Review

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Here is the last paragraph from Yahoo! review of Wii Fit… sums it up quite nicely…

Will you lose weight? Put it this way: it’s not going to hurt. Much of the challenge of starting a daily fitness regime is simply in finding an impetus to start, and Wii Fit is a lot cheaper than a gym membership. Its “Fitness Made Fun” tagline rings a little hollow when you consider that most of the aerobic games are rather more work than entertainment, but hey, if losing weight was easy then everybody would be doing it. Doing anything that gets you off the couch is going to help, and Wii Fit’s more energetic minigames are ample to leave you out of breath. No, it’s no shortcut to the perfect physique, but it sure beats another hour on a damn treadmill.

(Via Yahoo!)

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