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Nintendo Channel Ready For Download

So your Wii is glowing blue… must be time for an update.

Wait a second, this isn’t an everyday “run-of-the-mill” update… the Nintendo Channel is ready for download. Oh, and by the way… it’s FREE!

NintendoWiiFanboy has a written a “mini-review” of the channel…

We’re pretty pleased with what the channel has to offer so far. There’s already around forty videos available for your viewing pleasure. Most of them are just trailers for upcoming Nintendo games, but there’s also a nice little Miyamoto interview.

Personally, I’ve not had my Wii on since this past Sunday when I was playing Mario Kart Wii… so I’m looking forward to powering up and downloading this channel. Anyone else going to download it?

(Via NintendoWiiFanboy)