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Rock Band DLC Problem Solved?

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We all know that Rock Band hasn’t hit for the Nintendo Wii yet… but it seems that the powers at be have “solved” the DLC issue. (I use the term “solved” lightly).

Apparently the answer is to plop down $29.99 for an additional disc that contains 20 songs… oh and by the way, you don’t get to pick the songs… your stuck with what they give you.

NintendoWiiFanboy is where I first read of this travesty… I’m with them on this one.

It’s one thing — and an acceptable thing — to milk customers for a few bucks at a time for additional songs they really want. It’s another thing altogether to offer up a full expansion for thirty dollars less than a month after the game is released. That’s right: Rock Band isn’t scheduled for the Wii until June 22, and this Track Pack is due July 15. And it’s labeled Volume 1, naturally … expect another round not long after that. We’re anticipating September.

So what’s the deal Harmoix… are that hard pressed for cash you gotta milk every last dime out of your fan base.

For shame.

(Via NintendoWiiFanboy)

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