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Archive for May, 2008

Check out the video below, it’s a bit on the long side coming in at just over 30 minutes. Shows a guy playing We Ski using the Wii Fit Balance Board.

(Via GoNintendo)

Wii Fit Videos

Here is a photo of the newly sponsored WiiFit car of Alex Lloyd during practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

In Lloyds bio it says “Alex Lloyd’s career began in go-karts”… wonder if he’s a fan of Mario Kart?
(Pic Via

I’m sure most of you guys/gals out there have heard of Penny Arcade… it’s a very funny online comic strip all around interesting site. Awhile back we learned that they were developing an “episodic adventure” game with the Penny Arcade front guys Gabe & Tycho.
On May 21, 2008 the game will be simultaneously launched on [...]

The good folks over at Nintendo Everything recently published a list of the this weeks top VC & WiiWare titles… check them out below…
Virtual Console
1(1) - Super Mario Bros. 3
2(2) - Super Mario Bros.
3(4) - Double Dragon
4(5) - Super Mario World
5(3) - River City Ransom
6(6) - Mario Kart 64
7(8) - The Legend of Zelda
8(7) - [...]

Yahoo! Wii Fit Review

Here is the last paragraph from Yahoo! review of Wii Fit… sums it up quite nicely…
Will you lose weight? Put it this way: it’s not going to hurt. Much of the challenge of starting a daily fitness regime is simply in finding an impetus to start, and Wii Fit is a lot cheaper than a [...]

SMG has been nominated for a “Guys Choice” award from the channel Spike. Okay… maybe it’s not a prestigious award… but it’s an award nonetheless.
Check out the “Guys Choice Nomination Video” below…

So SMG is going up against Call of Duty 4… who would you pick for the award?
(Via Wii Kombo)

Australia Finally Getting SSBB

Quick Note: All you Australian Smash Bros. fans who are being forced to just sit and wait for the release of SSBB now have something to get excited about… as the game finally has a release date.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl will unleashed upon Australia on June 26th (one day before it’s released in Europe).
So start [...]