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Mario Kart Wii Also Has Disc Errors

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.Remember the whole SSBB dirty lens debacle? Well it seems the same kind of problem might happen to the Mario Kart Wii disc.
According to Nintendo Wii Fanboy…
In any case, a handful of gamers in Japan are reporting problems, and there have been instances […]

Super Mario Galaxy Case Mod

DECA Sports Preview Video: Supercross

The final video in our preview series of DECA Sports, comes by the way of Supercross. In DECA Sport’s iteration of the dirt bike classic, the user must turn their wii remote sideways and steer your bike to the finish. Once again, Mike and Roger show off the controls and gameplay of Supercross.

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There’s nothing quite as funny as watching Men’s Figure Skating on TV. DECA Sports takes away alot of the goofiness that tends to go along with the sport. Using the nunchuk and wii remote, Mike and Roger show you the in’s-and-outs of figure skating, Wii style.

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DECA Sports Preview Video: Volleyball

The next DECA Sports video in our preview series is Volleyball. This sport usually leaves bruises on your arms, and sand in uncomfortable places. With DECA Sports, on the Wii you don’t have to worry about any of that, just be sure to keep a hold of the wii remote. Here is an intense matchup […]

DECA Sports Preview Video: Badminton

Wiispin.com was able to snag a demo copy of Hudson Soft’s multi-sport game, DECA Sports. We have four preview videos that we are happy to share with you, hope you enjoy them. The first video, is an intense game of Badminton between Mike and Roger. You might want to give yourself alot of space between […]

The good folks over at WiiNintendo.com have posted a very detailed list of everyone & everything unlockable in Mario Kart Wii. So if you wish to find out who are the starting characters, unlockable characters, unlockable karts, unlockable bikes, and other various unlockables… click here.