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Sure you’ve heard of Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman… but have you ever heard of WiiMan?

WiiMan... WTF?

Here is a quote from WiiMan’s blogspot about his origins…

Guys, I have an idea for GarageGeeks KinnerNet 2008 project. it combines Gaming, Technology and Useless Activity to the extreme. Building a full action figure custom of a super hero called WiiMan. The custom (that I don’t mind wearing) acts as a fully functional Nintendo WiiMote remote with buttons, bluetooth, accelerometers, and an IR cam. imagine this setup on the stage, a young boy plays Wii, and he is frustrated from his score. He thinks out loud “if only WiiMan was here to help me” WiiMan enter the scene with his waving cloak and plays with the boy.

So if you ever have a need for WiiMan… just go ahead and look directly at the sun… don’t be afraid… it’s better for everyone this way.

(Via Kotaku)

Please note: Don’t look directly at the sun

3 Responses to “WiiMan”  

  1. 1 DMadCat

    Slow news day?

  2. 2 Jeremy


    … a bit… can you tell?

  3. 3 Pam

    haha wii mann. I love your blogs. I’m a Wii fan myself. I saw an interesting blog the other day about Johnny Lee? Have you heard of him. Here’s a clip if you guys haven’t seen this before


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