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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.Recently Nintendo of America has confirmed the release date of Mario Kart Wii as being April 27th… just a mere 16 days after the European release.

CVG has some information on why the release dates are so staggered…
Previously Nintendo of America president Reggie […]

Favorite SSBB Character So Far

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been out for a few days now, and by the looks of things… it’s a huge success (surprise… surprise).

So After Brawling for a few days… do you have a favorite character yet? Thanks to emac for the topic.
Head on over to the WiiSpin Forum where there is an ongoing discussion […]

Boom Blox Name Dropping Spielberg

How can anyone almost guarantee success for a video game? Well, for starters… if you have the ability to add legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s name on the cover… that’s a good starting point.

This is just what EA’s upcoming game “Boom Blox” has done… adding a simple one line above the game logo. It doesn’t need […]

Japanese WiiWare Commercials

Check out the commercials below for the WiiWare Channel launching in Japan on March 25th.

March 25th is the day that many Japanese Wii fans have circled on their calendars… as this is the day that the WiiWare Channel is unveiled.

Along with the launch date, Nintendo has revealed the initial nine titles that will be available upon the channels release.
According to Wii Fanboy they are as follows…
* Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii […]

WiiWare Getting Tetris

Recently Hudson has confirmed the initial rumors that Tetris (the classic puzzle game) is coming for WiiWare Channel.
According to CVG…
IGN says the WiiWare version of the puzzle game will include six-player online support, Wii Remote pointer controls and an all-new mode that throws obstacles in the way of players’ blocks.
Tetris is scheduled for a summer […]

Mario Themed Wii Case Mod

Check out the image below… it’s over a pretty cool Wii case mod focusing totally on your favorite Mario Brother.

Have you done any modding on your Wii… want to learn how, talk about it in the WiiSpin Forum.
(Via Technabob)

How Do You Brawl?

Unlike most games these days… SSBB gives you options. You can choose to play the game with any of the following controller configurations…
- Sideways Wiimote
- Wiimote / Nunchuk Combination
- GameCube Controller
- Wii Classic Controller
So my question to you is… how do you brawl? What is your chosen “fighting” controller?
Let me know how you brawl over […]