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Recently Geoff Keighley talked to Reggie Fils-Aime, on the latest GameTrailers TV, about what’s in store for Nintendo in the upcoming months… especially after E3 2008.

Below are a few of the better quotes from the video

Fils-Aime said that Nintendo’s post-E3 releases will be “maximizing all of our key franchises”

He went on to tease about the upcoming Holiday season…

There’s gonna be a big game for the holiday that the gamers will want

So… what could it be? Let the speculation begin.

(Via Kotaku)

20 Responses to “E3 2008: Nintendo Revealing “Big Game” for Holidays”  

  1. 1 King David

    castlevania! star fox! f-zero! ninja gaiden!

  2. 2 Staibdude


  3. 3 Austin Myers


  4. 4 Chad

    New Zelda, Star Fox, or Animal Crossing Wii!!!!

  5. 5 Olim

    New kind of gameboy!

  6. 6 Haelstrome

    I actually watched this video before I heard any speculation of Wii’s “big game”. Geoff asked about a new game; a new Mario or Zelda. Reggie responded with “Come on! We just had a Zelda game!”


    No you didn’t. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess came out over a year ago. It was one of the release titles of the Wii. Now PlayStation 3 came out roughly the same time as the Wii and is already announcing sequels for their big hits: Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2… And Twilight Princess wasn’t even made for the Wii! It was originally designed for the Gamecube, and was then ported over to the Wii. (Incase you didn’t know that)

    From this you can tell this “big game” won’t be any big popular franchise that has already been made on the Wii, like Mario, Zelda or Metroid.

    Also, we already know that Super Smash Bros. Brawl was a big hit for the Wii, and as such, was being advertised back in mid-2007. It had reports, websites, articles in magazines… all almost a year before it came out. So Nintendo REALLY isn’t a company to keep their big hits a secret. None of the companies are, because financially, that’s a very stupid move.

    So now we can tell that this “big game” isn’t actually that big at all. Well, certainly nowhere near the standards of Brawl. We also know it isn’t a game from a big franchise that has already been made on the Wii (or ported).

    From this, my guess is that this may be a Mario Party 9 (as that game doesn’t change very much, and could be made quite quickly compared to other games), and possibly be accompanied by a new StarFox game.

    You could argue that since Mario Party always includes a big variety of characters, it would be somewhat maximizing all of their key franchises. (You can’t seriously expect a new Mario, Metroid AND Zelda game all by the end of 2008) This is the only realistic possibility for that aspect.

    Also, Reggie talked about how this game(s) would not only excite the Nintendo audience, but the expanded audience as well. Again, this fits for Mario Party, as the game has always been very easy to understand, and can be picked up and played from the get-go.

    Also, StarFox is one of the few franchises that has been staying fairly popular, and is popular enough to put a character in Brawl. I honestly wouldn’t be very surprised if they released a new StarFox game, to keep those StarFox loyal, and to try and attract new people into the franchise via Brawl.

    This is why I believe that Mario Party 9 will be the “big hit” Reggie was talking about, and it will be accompanied by possibly a StarFox game to keep the Nintendo gamers interested.

  7. 7 Brian

    Maybe he’s just referring to Star Wars Force Unleashed (which will be released Q3 but big at Christmas)? Let’s face it - this will be the biggest game on the Wii so far.

  8. 8 DMadCat

    Bah! How about Rock Band WITH dlc?! don’t we have enough Super Zelda Metroid games already?

  9. 9 bum316

    It’s animal crossing, clearly

  10. 10 Gonz

    Rock Band? Dude, if you wanna play rock band get a real system. The only reason to even own a wii as a serious gamer is the “Super Zelda Metroid games” as you put it.

  11. 11 pinecone2654

    We can only hope, bum316, we can only hope. However, if you want to satisfy your A/C craving, there’s an A/C movie on youtube (8 parts in japanese, english subtitles).

  12. 12 XStarWolfX

    Haelstrome seems to have the right idea… i would personally love to disagree with him just because i would love there to be a new starfox or zelda game but the most likely game to hit wii this summer has to be mario party 9 :( which is… well shite in my opinion.

  13. 13 julian

    I’m thinking it could be sonic unleashed

  14. 14 nitritox

    i don’t belive that this BIG GAME could be a new zelda, just think nintendo will waste the image of zelda each two years, ok don’t take account the ds games, this could be a oportunity for star fox or metroit

  15. 15 Foxi

    Its Pretty obvious the following games for NINTENDO will be (usually 3 or 4 new games)

    Starfox,Why starfox ummmm it has came on almost every nintendo system and wii is do for some hardcore or at least action game!And what else does nintendo has….remakes,also reggie wants to maximize all our key franchise duh starfox hasnt came yet lol…….So Im looking forward to that! ^_^

    Animal Crossing,I love me some animal crossing :) and I also havent seen no animal crossing on the wii yet either except as a brawl stage on brawl -_-’ So thats one of them 2! A given!

    and maybe an…..Fzero or Another Mario party…but so far thats all nintendo has up there sleeve………..and its NOT going to be another zelda or mario game a mario game can out last holiday and zelda came out at the release of the wii

    So now its time for starfox fans and others Can wait :)

    Also a mystery for sony and microsoft! Cant wait for that either!

    This E3 will be the bomb!

  16. 16 slavedemon

    i’m hoping it’s a zelda or star fox game but now you guys have me scared if it’s mario party 9 i’ll be sad =(

  17. 17 xXDeadlybonesXx

    WOW…You actually think they will release a Mario Party 9? Good franchise but…they wouldn’t give all of that hype…kid icarus is plausible but it is clearly animal crossing Wii!Man!

  18. 18 chaosportal

    Now introducing: The Halo Series for the Wii! Ha! Just kidding.

  19. 19 pinecone2654

    Don’t forget the A/C minigame on WarioWare Smooth Moves Foxi! That was 2.5 seconds of pure bliss for me… I am hoping with every fiber of my being that the big N will give a date for A/C Wii set for sometime before Christmas, and I’d love to get my hands on a Pikmin 3 before Q2 of next year.
    Go Nintendo!

  20. 20 Jacob

    I want to see Nintendo’s halo. Let’s see a brand- new, very unconventional Nintendo game that is a great First Person Shooter, that’s very violent- and very, very well done.

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