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SSBB Spectator Mode Fixed!

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A major problem was readily apparent when SSBB first came out earlier this week… “Spectator Mode” was failing to show up for some owners.

Well, good news for all… as Nintendo has rectified the issue.

A post appeared on TechForums.Nintendo.com from a NOA (Nintendo of North America) Tech and stated the following…

It appears the Spectator Mode and Options menu started appearing for most people early this morning (3/12). We’re happy to hear all these positive results, so thanks for posting your success stories!

If you’re connecting for the first time today, you may still need to wait up to 24 hours before seeing Spectator Mode.

If you are still unable to see the Spectator Mode after 24 hours from your first online connection, please let us know by replying to this thread.

Thank you!

There still are a few issues with online play… but it appears Nintendo is trying to fix most of the problems as quickly as possible.

(Via Nintendo Everything)

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