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Rent-To-Own Wii Costs $948

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The Consumerist has a truly disgusting news item about a certain “Rent-To-Own” store where you can “lease” a Nintendo Wii for only $79 per month… for 12 months. Yeah, you done the math right… it’s ridiculous amount.

$79 x 12 months = $948.00

According to the site

This $250 Wii console can be yours for only $79 a month, and after 12 months, it’s yours to keep. By that time, you will have paid $948 for it. By comparison, if you charged it to a credit card with 18% interest, you could pay $23 a month and have it paid off after 12 months. Kelly’s offer will cost you $673 more than paying with the credit card.

Just keep this in mind, for the utterly stupid price of $948 you could almost buy 4 Nintendo Wiis at the retail price of $250.

Discuss how lame this is over in the New WiiSpin forum.

(Via The Consumerist)

2 Responses to “Rent-To-Own Wii Costs $948”  

  1. 1 King David

    Ok. Here’s the other end of the spectrum…sell your wii right now! Do it, seriously! You have owned the damned thing long enough to know it’s a Gamecube with a cool controller and a release schedule that makes you want to die. There’s some kid out there who will overpay for your…possibly even rent-to-own it? Anyway, put the money in a savings account, or gamble it or something…then buy another wii when the price drops. SSBB will be on sale, just in case you give a shit. The only reason I don’t want to do this is because I’m a shameful nerd who can’t bear to part with my VC downloads and virtual friends’ likenesses collected on my console…sigh. Nintendo knows how to exploit stupid people (see “shovelware”, “price fixing”, “supply-and-demand”) why not take a page from their book?

  2. 2 Ehud

    Let’s see, paying 4-6 times what something actually cost? Did anyone buy a house lately? or actually take the time to price merchandise at stores, everything is marked up. Heck, look at what the major computer companies actually spend on making a system, then go for their 3 to 5 year financing…29.99%/year adds up for a standard finance. You can hate rent-to-own because they cant hide what they paid for the merchandise you are going to pay for. The manufacturers and retail resellers of all types of merchandise, make at around the same on the average, but we just dont know what it costs them. Do some research and you will be amazed at all the companies making 4-6 times the cost of their goods.

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