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Is Walmart Ready for SSBB Launch?

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Have certain Walmart’s already received their shipment of Super Smash Bros. Brawl? If the image below is any indication… Yes.

SSBB Shipment

But don’t get your hopes up about getting a copy early from the super chain store, measures have been taken to help “prevent” this… check out the quote below from Nintendo World Report.

Walmart computers will not allow the sale of the game before the official release date, so anyone hoping to score an early copy (from Walmart, at least) will be out of luck. However, NWR has been seeing unconfirmed reports of North American retail copies of the game floating around the Internet, which could mean other stores that are also receiving the game may be inadvertently breaking street dates.

Why would Nintendo ship out the game so far in advance of the actual release date? Just doesn’t make any sense.

(Image Via: Nintendo World Report)

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