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Los Angeles SSBB Tournament Results

This past weekend marked the start to the nation wide SSBB tournament, as the even kicked off in Los Angeles. 256 Brawlers met with starry eyes in hopes to win the $500 Best Buy gift card and the trip to the championship in NYC on March 8th.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The tournament was decided with the following specifications according to SmashGamers.com.

All items.
Battlefield Scenario.
4-minute Match
Classic Controller Only

The last match for first and second place was a 3-stock match with no time limit and on Battlefield.

The Los Angeles portion of the tournament ended with the following winners.

1. David using Kirby - $500 Best Buy and trip to NY for final 4 on March 8th.
2. Mario using Ike- $250 Best Buy
3. David using Lucas - $100 Best Buy
4. Carlos using Mario - $50 Best Buy

From everything I’ve read, the tournament was a big hit… and everyone had a good time.

(Via SmashGamers)

2 Responses to “Los Angeles SSBB Tournament Results”  

  1. 1 Anthony

    I went to the brawl competition in LA. I wasn’t in it, but I was there. I went with 5 of my friends and my brother and dad. We all had a great time watching people play and me and my friends actually got to play brawl!!! The game was super fun, even though the match was only 4 minutes long. And I actually won the match! They gave me a wiimote keychain that lights up for winning. It was the greatest day of my life.

  2. 2 Wiitard

    The second place results is hilarious, “Mario using Ike”, confused me for a sec

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